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We work hard to make sure your systems function as designed so we work with you through all stages of a project. We work side by side with you you through planning, design, management, installation, troubleshooting, inspection, verification, and construction. Additionally, we fully test all systems thoroughly and provide ongoing support for our customers, partners and suppliers.

What We Do


Our engineers work with you to give you the project you want from planning through execution


We help you get processes running and establish smooth, turnkey operations


We pride ourselves on providing 24/7 value-driven customer service solutions

Our Company

BGD Contracting Ltd. was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada in the year 2014. We provide reliable service, installation, sales and support solutions for our clients. Our focus is providing services and support for the parking and secure facilities industries. Our team has a diverse technical background and experience with numerous systems and equipment types within the industry. Some of these technologies include parking control systems, access control systems, data communication systems, lighting systems, electrical power systems, speed gates, barrier gates and slide gates. A unique value that BGD Contracting Ltd. can offer your business is found in the way that we are able to provide service and support from beginning to end. We support our clients from the planning stage, through installation and commissioning, and then can provide ongoing service to keep your sites operating as they should.

We are continually educating and orientating ourselves with the latest industry standards and technology. We seek opportunities to take on new challenges, constantly strengthening our ability to best support our customers. Our staff has vast expertise in system integration and liaising between owners and vendors to ensure chosen systems are installed, maintained and continue to operate as designed. Our experience, dedication and passion has continually led to ongoing success of all our projects.

Our Staff

Our staff has a combined 40+ years of experience in the parking industry, electrical engineering and design, data communication, facilities service and maintenance. Our staff has formal education and experience in a variety of industries related to parking, traffic control and wayfinding. Our formal education includes electrical & electronics engineering, telecommunications and networks, as well as commercial and industrial electrical systems.

Our previous work experience assists in providing a complete understanding of mechanical, electronic and data system operation, allowing for effective design, installation, service and implementation of parking and traffic control systems. Additionally, with fully accredited and licensed Red Seal electricians on staff, we are pleased to provide complete licensed and permitted electrical installations for all services provided.

Installations, Service & Support

We have the ability to take on many projects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Parking and access control system sales, installation, service and support
  • Parking Meter installation – powered or solar
  • Project management and vendor relations
  • Equipment and operational consultation
  • License plate recognition system installation, service and support
  • Vehicle detection installation – induction loops, cameras, radar and ultrasonic
  • Electrical power, communication, network, conduit installation and system setup
  • Parking guidance, way-finding and count systems installation, sales, service and support¬†
  • Custom electrical engineering solutions
  • Slide, folding and barrier security gates installation, service and support

  • Concrete and asphalt saw cutting

  • Concrete pad installation or removal

  • Metal fabrication including bollards, card stands, sign stands or other custom items

  • Solar power installation

  • Code Blue station installations, service and support

  • Sign installation
  • Energy efficient parking facility lighting design
  • New installations, retrofits and fixture specification
  • Custom engineered traffic control design and installation
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation
  • Intercom and call station installation, service and support

Our Commitment To Safety


Zero Comprimise

BGD Contracting is committed to ensuring the safety of all workers and the general public through all work we complete.


Outstanding Record

BGD Contracting has an outstanding safety record, with no reported Workers Compensation claims.


Safe Work Sites

For all installation and project work a there will be a designated site foreman and safety representative on site at all times.

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm